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Easy ways to make your make-up last longer!!

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We girls work so hard in order to create that perfect makeup façade and without any welcome and all, the humidity and the heat dive into the picture and spoils that beautiful work of art. I know, it’s more heart-breaking than a breakup.

But, here’s some good news for you, now you can make your makeup stay longer with these failproof tips. I assure you that with these tips you can beat the heat.

Start with a clean canvas: you know this very well that water can never be mixed with oil and the oil on your face isn’t an exception for this rule. If you are having an oily face, then your makeup will melt away in just a few hours or may be even less than that. If you don’t want this to happen with you, then you should always start with a clean face, what I mean to say is remove all the dirt and oil by using a gentle cleanser. After cleansing, apply an oil-free and a lightweight moisturizer with SPF. Leave it for about three minutes and then apply other products.

Perfect with prime: You must have seen that a manicure simply looks amazing, when you make use of a great base coat. The same thing goes with the makeup, using a primer as a base coat can help in filling the pores and the blur imperfections. This will allow your makeup to look better and last longer.
Choose the right products: always opt for a long lasting and an oil-free foundation, which has optimum SPF and keeps your face protected throughout the day. When you are applying your face products, then always use thin layers at the start and try to build up a coverage from there. If you are applying thick layers, then your makeup will give a cakey look and will melt away. Rather than layering with cream and powder blush, go for a stain that can get double. Choose the eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner, which are waterproof and can prevent the smudging.

Lock it in: use a translucent powder to set your makeup, this will provide a smooth look to your makeup and will also remove the excess of oil. You can even use a makeup setting spray to make your makeup last even longer. There are many brands in the market for setting up the make up on the face but before you buy make up setting product make sure make up setting product should be all purpose use like before make up as primer, after make up as for setting up make up to give final look and just to hydrate skin on the regular basis. Before and after applying the makeup, you can spray it on your face and it will completely lock everything in its place. A makeup spray will also let your powder makeup to appear more like natural one and will let it mix with your skin.

So, now you know how to keep your makeup look protected for the entire day, just follow the tips and be free of regular touch ups for the whole day.

Makeup Setting Spray Mist

Preventing foundations, blushes and other cosmetics from fading, creasing and melting

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